40.5 Million Americans Are Uninsured: Are You One of Them?

September 2, 2020

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of work environments, employee benefits, recreation, community involvement, and even how we worship. In short, nearly every aspect of our pre-COVID lives has changed. Many companies have been forced to conduct layoffs and corporate downsizing has become more prevalent. Recently, a study was released which showed these changes have also drastically affected the number of Americans who previously had health benefits through their work.

A huge number of Americans have lost coverage. Before COVID-19, 24.5 million Americans were uninsured. However, during this pandemic that number has risen to 40.5 million Americans currently uninsured. Leaving 16 million Americans without health coverage during this a once in a lifetime deadly pandemic! That is eye-opening, worrisome, and startling!

The COBRA extension of benefits from the previous employer is typically 105% of the employer cost and limited to only 18 months of coverage forcing this to be an unviable option. Many are not eligible for the federally funded health coverage – Medicaid. Lastly, most of the health policies available through the Obamacare system are frequently unaffordable. These combined circumstances have forced 16 million Americans to face this epidemic with no financial protection.

Hurley Benefit Services has solutions for affordable health insurance. We have health insurance plans which have no deductible and no co-pay when you see a doctor. Additionally, Tele-med is a part of every plan sold, with the benefit of no copay or out of pocket cost for minor non-emergency treatments. This coverage is typically 30% to 50% less than the cost of traditional major medical insurance.

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