Now More Than Ever, Life Insurance Makes Sense

April 27, 2021

Over the past 12 months, we have witnessed firsthand the devastation of an unplanned health crisis. Currently, the United States has seen over 570,000 people die from a virus most of us had never heard of just 18 short months ago. Personally, I have suffered through the loss of some who were dear to me. I have also witnessed the financial devastation this brings on those unprepared. Here are 3 common-sense reasons why life insurance makes more sense now more than ever

Protection for Mortgage

For most of us, our greatest financial obligation is our home mortgage. Most qualified for the mortgage in anticipation of an expected stream of income. The loss of the life of a primary breadwinner in the family can cause a huge burden on the family of the deceased. While the real estate market is very strong in Texas at this time, do you really want to force you family to move from a home they likely cherish? Especially after the loss of a loved one?

Protection for Assets

What about the other bills? Auto loans? Credit Cards? Personal loans? In addition to our mortgage, those obligations also have to be met. If income is cut in half for a young family due to the loss of a financial provider, how will your heirs make up the difference?

Protections for those you Love

The primary reason I have life insurance is to financially protect those I love most. To provide for future College education, the cost of a wedding, or the help you might have to provide your child with a down payment on that first home. If you are gone how will this be accomplished?

Please remember that buying life insurance is one of the most unselfish financial moves you can make. Why? Because life insurance is not for you but for those you leave behind. At Hurley Benefit Services we can help you meet that need now. We represent many carriers and can shop your plan to get the best rates the market allows. Pleasecontact us with any questions or for a Free Quote.


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