5 Business Etiquette Rules for Successful Sales

January 15, 2020


These days with the advent of multi-million dollar Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems, instant communication with clients via, text, email and voice calls, are viewed as 100% essential. Still, the fact is that people in 2020 still buy from those they like and trust. Without that connection you will rarely have long term repetitive sales results. The bottom line is we are still in the people business. As a mentor, advisor and guide of hundreds of sales people over the past 30 years I have noticed that common sense etiquette is often lacking or even worse missing. Here are 5 of the most often overlooked etiquette rules to build a successful sales relationship:

Dress for the Occasion – I always try to match the environment of my client or the business. The question… business casual, or business dress? It depends on the company. Remember Casual during business hours should be rare if non-existent. However, this rule also includes how you present yourself in the community. Please wear your PJs at home, not to the grocery store!

Help Those Who Are Struggling – Some of the longest lasting relationships are cemented when someone is facing adversity. I recommend a personal phone call or face to face meeting, but even a heartfelt text can make a difference. I called a co-worker not long ago who was being demoted for missing quota. I reminded her of her value, character, and honesty that was unchanged due to missing her number. In short, show people you care even when it does not profit you!

Handwrite Thank You Notes – In today’s day of email and text message, a handwritten note makes an impact. A handwritten note is so rare today, that they are ALWAYS read. A simple card to a potential client, a note of thanks for the opportunity to give your sales pitch has an impact. Don’t overlook this simple act that reflects the investment of your time.

Curb Your Potty Mouth – Society is so casual today, that foul language is now widely accepted, and let’s face it, sometimes letting loose with a few choice words might feel satisfying. But the truth of the matter is that it is a reflection of your heart. It is an expression of your lack of being able to express yourself with your vocabulary and may be offensive to the client.

Learn to say you are Sorry – This is a true struggle for many… which is exactly why it is such a powerful relationship maker. Saying you are sorry does not mean you lose the argument or that you yield to those who disagree with you; however, saying you are sorry means you are the bigger person. Meaning you are a person willing to lay aside your ego in order to build a relationship.

What sets you apart from every other sales professional? In the end it is YOU! Always be cognitive of being the kind of person in which you would want to business. Oh, and one more thing… don’t forget to SMILE :)



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