3 Reasons Why Life Insurance Is Important

December 2, 2021

Why Life Insurance Is Important

Millions of Americans have those who depend on them financially. Some are married with children or Spouse. While others have family members such as an aging Parent that need monetary help. Life Insurance provides money, also known as a death benefit to your chosen beneficiary after you die. A very powerful part of proper financial planning, the death benefit can provide the funds necessary to equip those you love to avoid an economic hardship after you are gone. Over the last 30 days, my office has assisted in 3 death claims. In each case, all three families were devastated emotionally and yet comforted in knowing that their financial burdens were eased. While I hate that these policyholders passed, and pray for those who are bereaved, it gave me deep satisfaction in knowing that the death benefit was there to help. Here are three reasons why you should consider life insurance:

1. Life Insurance Can Replace Lost Income

Whether you are salaried, hourly, self-employed, or own a small business, your income might cover a portion or even all of your family’s daily needs. Mortgage, groceries, clothing, car maintenance, and healthcare premiums are all likely parts of your monthly budget. Those bills do not stop even though the family primary income provider passes away. Death benefits help ease the day too day financial needs, while the family goes. Through the mourning process.

2. Life Insurance Can Help Pay Off Debts Left Behind

It is important to note that certain types of debt don’t go away when you die, which means your loved ones may have to use money from your estate or sell off assists to cover them. Credit cards, mortgages, educational loans are just a few of the debts many unknowingly leave behind. As a result Life insurance is a vital tool in the protection of your estate at a time when your loved ones are already dealing with your loss.

3. It Can Help Pay for Funeral Expenses 

Funerals can be expensive. Most funerals today will average between $7,000 and $12,000. Dealing with this financial stress on top of the emotional stress can feel almost overwhelming to those we leave behind. The death benefit from Life Insurance can be used to pay these expenses.

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